Day 9 - 21 Days to Plan a "We"dding

8:37 PM

The Wedding Planner!
Interviewing is a two way street!  The planner will be interviewing you as you are interviewing them. You want to work with some you like, click with,  a good fit, compatible… you know, like dating.  Hopefully you have received recommendations. Here are few questions to ask:
1-How long have you been planning weddings and how many do you plan in a year? (Quality not quantity should be important. Some planners only take a certain number.)
2- Tell me about the type of  services. What is included in your services, how much is the investment and what is the deposit? (attending the rehearsal dinner, planning any additional parties,  etc.)
3- For a destination wedding, what services are included and how much is the investment?
4- Do you have more than one wedding a day? If so, how many, how do you manage them, will you be at my wedding and how many assistants?
5- Ask for references.  Get a written quote. READ the agreement.  Ask more questions if necessary before you sign.

Notes from a real bride!
My advice would be to remain calm. If you have a planner you trust, this should be easy. On the day of my wedding, I was cool as a cucumber, all because Marion was watching all the small details that I would have otherwise stressed over. She kept everything running smoothly and I was able to just have a good time on my big day. ~Paxton and Austin

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