Day 10 - 21 Days to Plan a "We"dding

9:43 PM

The Talk…..
You know I deal in truth…. So before I talk about finding the right team (photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, venue,  cake designer, hairstylist, etc.) Let’s talk about Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, any other social media, websites, and magazines or anywhere you found inspiration. Anything  inspiration you find is just that, inspiration.. direction…. not duplication.  Let’s be honest… a photographer cannot duplicate a photo that you found. It can be in the style of photo you showed them, but not exact.  A florist can design something similar to what you saw on pinterest but not exact, plus usually there are no prices on it and  you could blow your budget.  Your style should show.  Allow the wedding professionals to help you.  Edit, curate, and pair down the number of photos you select for style direction.  Allow your wedding planner to help you.  Options, compromise and honesty are your friends.

Your team is important. Get referrals and allow the wedding planner to make suggestions. You want the best your budget can allow.  See 1-8… Yes, I said it!

Notes from a real couple!
My advice on vendor selections are to prioritize what's most important. For us food was extremely important and making that experience fun. Luckily I have a friend who has an amazing food truck and our guests really loved not only the food, but the experience. Financially we couldn't afford to spend an arm and a leg on every vendor so we picked the most important things first. ~ Sydney and Chrissy

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