Day 8 - 21 Days of "We"dding Planning

8:23 PM

The Wedding Planner… Continued!
Planners offer a variety of services (full service, month of service and limited service are a few).   They also offer a variety of fees are structures.  Here are some of the services planners will offer:
-     Vendors-recommendation, hiring, confirmation and managing (musicians, officiant, florist, etc.)
-     Budget and keep you on task for scheduled payments
-     Assisting with the rehearsal dinner
-     Attending vendor meetings
-     Assist with creating welcome bags and favor selection
- Assisting with the look of the wedding from
napkins to tabletops (linen, napkins, floral, etc.)
  - Booking hotel rooms and arranging transportation
  - Scheduling the wedding week

This is the short list.  When in doubt ASK. They make things happen and fix things you never know about. Planners are rock stars!

Note from a real bride ...hire a wedding planner!
I learned that having someone help you during the process is key to enjoying it not just the day
of. ~ Marlena  

                               Photographer - Oscar Rajo

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