Ayra and Je'Kel Foster

8:54 AM

Around this time last year I was deep into planning the wedding and designing floral for Ayra and Je'kel. The only hitch was they were in Oldendburg, Germany. Je'Kel plays pro basketball in the Euroleague. Check out his blog: www.jekelfoster.blogspot.com. Ayra came home to Plano to do most of the planning. This was a very special wedding for me because I have known Ayra and her family since she was a little girl. Her father is Ron Springs a former Dallas Cowboy. Ron has been in a coma for almost 3 years. Her mother Adrianne is a breast cancer survivor. With grace, style and lots of composure Ayra and I designed a beautiful wedding. Je'kel arrived the day before the wedding. He hit the winning shot for his team to become the German League champions the night before. Talking about jet lag! Find out how she and Je'Kel met.

Je’Kel and Ayra
We were both attending college at Ohio State University. It was Spring Quarter and it was during OSU's Heritage Festival. I was out at one of the events with my girlfriends and Je'Kel was also there with some of his friends. My friend Ashley Jenkins (bridesmaid) stopped to talk to one of Je'Kel's basketball teammates. I noticed Je'Kel was smiling at me and pointing. I figured he was just full of jokes and began to walk towards Ashley. By this time Ashley was dancing with Je'Kel's teammate. Je'Kel and I started dancing too since our friends were both occupied. We danced the night away and exchanged phone numbers. We became great friends and talked on the phone for hours. We later started a relationship and the rest is history.

Je'Kel played his second professional basketball season in Paris, France. I had spent some time there visiting him and came back home to Dallas. Je'Kel got to go home to Natchez, Mississippi for the Christmas holiday. He called me on Christmas Eve and told me he wanted me to be his wife. I was shocked because I didn't know if he was serious. Then he told me to start looking for engagement rings. I flew back to Paris on New Years Eve, and during the next few weeks we looked for rings. We found one that we both loved and he "officially" proposed Valentine's Day 2008 in Paris, France.

Je'Kel was excited but exhausted....after his winning basketball championship game, long flight from Germany and going none stop from the time he got off the plan. He arrived just in time for the rehearsal.

Tony Dorsett is Ayra's godfather.

Special thanks to people make magic happen:
Lighting- Colby Logan Astounding Sounds
Cake- Candy Haven
Catering-Gil's Elegant Catering
Photographer- Charlotte Caldwell
Singer - Rick James
DJ- Lewis Milton

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