Day 4 - 21 Days to Plan a "We"dding

6:33 PM

Who's paying for your "we"dding? Will your parents be making a contribution? Are you paying for the wedding? Will there be any monetary gifts from friends or family?  Regardless, be honest about what you would like to spend. To say you are to spend "X" amount with no research and or not consulting wedding planner could be painful in the end.  I don't want you to make expensive mistakes.  Make a plan. Remember your list from day 2.  There are several online wedding budget calculators.  Use a wedding calculator to what your investment offs you for each category. (

Day 4a
Notes from a real couple!

Financially we couldn't afford to spend an arm and a leg on every vendor so we picked the most important things first.  – Sidney and Chrissy

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