Day 3 - 21 Days to Plan a "We"dding

6:02 PM

Honesty is the best policy! Do a little research.  I know the two of  you have started to think about your wedding style.  You have started to look at websites, Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and several other places for ideas, but you have not talked about what the investment (budget is not gentle enough) for your "we"dding. How many guests are you inviting, what location, plated, buffet or punch and cookies.  You have to discuss how much? There is no need to be blindsided.

Notes from a real bride!
Pick a few areas to really go all out and don't sweat the other stuff. - Marlena
Marlena  and Reginald  hosted a Texas size destination wedding in New Orleans.  The ceremony took place at Dillard University and the reception at The Roosevelt Hotel.  

Photographer Oscar Rajo

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