Day 2- 21 Days to Plan a "We" dding

5:34 PM

Day 2
Remember this is a "WE"dding.  It will take the both of you to make sure this happens. You must have a conversation about what is important to the both of you.  

My approach includes asking couples to separately write down the most important aspects of the wedding to them. Those responses are usually very different, but gives us a great place to start.  Don't assume you both share the same vision.  

Notes from a real couple!
Figure out what's important to you and work that! - You could go broke getting married.  Between the dress and venue and flowers and food and all the things that make a wedding great - those things add up!  It really helped for us to figure out what 2 or 3 things were most important to us about the wedding, and that's where we put the primary portion of our effort, focus, and money.
Sherrelle and Brandon, Newlyweds



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