21 Days to Plan a "We"-dding is Here...

5:00 PM

Day 1

Dear Engaged Couples,

Congratulations! You are engaged or will be getting engaged soon. How exciting!  I decided that 
21 Days to Plan a "WE"dding  would offer you some suggestions on how to make this sometimes overwhelming adventure as stressless and as much fun as possible. Before you run out and book all of your services, I want you to consider a few things that will allow you to have a great experience.  I will also have quotes and photos from several of my previous weddings. Now, let's do this....

1- Breathe. Enjoy. Share. 
Take the time to visit with friends and family and share the engagement. Who asked? Where they ask? How they ask? Who was there? Was it a surprise? Was a professional photographer or videographer involved? Those details are so important and sometimes get lost because you didn't take the time. Everyone wants to hear your story. Take lots of photos and start an online gallery for your friends and family that want to keep up with your journey from I to WE.

If you have questions please email me at marion@absolutelyblooming.com.  I promise I will respond.


This is going to be fun!

World travelers Raven and Jerome
Who Asked? Jerome
How? On an international jaunt that started in Spain. Raven just thought they were on vacation.  Paris was the next stop.  During a visit to the Eiffel Tower Jerome made the surprise proposal.
Thank you Laura Parent of Relive Photography

Who am I?
My name is Marion Adele Marshall. A southern belle by birth and a Texan by choice.  My first world was in accounting...to confining. My second world was as fashion designer then a professor of fashion design for thirteen years, my dream.  I transferred love and  skills  to the event world.  I believe in collaboration, options, details, and laughter.

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