Mia and Johneil

1:02 PM

... ring out the old and ring in the new!

Zeno! Is the new last name.
December 30, 2011 was the date and the Orion Ballroom was the location for the nuptials for Mia Johneil. Mia is stylish, very detail oriented, and loves Johneil. Johneil has a big smile and loves Mia.

Navy blue (my new black) and apple green (perfect with anything) were showcased separately and together.  I posted several items on pinterest as well. WE loved designing this decor for Mia and Johneil.  I'll let the photo speak.


AFR Event Furnishings
Pastor D. Jacobs
The Orion Ballroom
DJ Don Thompkins
Niesha Graves Photography
Delicious Cakes

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