Teachers in love! Ashley and Lawrence

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How they met is something I always want to know! This is the story of Ashley Switzer and Lawrence Randle.
Here's her note:

Hi Ms. Marion, sorry for the delay but here's our story of how we met. Lawrence insisted on writing his own version, which is quite lengthy. I hope this is what you wanted for your site. Thanks! (it is exactly what I wanted!) 
We will check in with Ashley and Lawrence and see how the wedding planning is coming.  The big day is in June! Enjoy!
Ashley's story-I met Lawrence when I was working as a student teacher at Crockett Middle School in Irving.  He was a 7th grade Math teacher and I worked with 8th graders in Reading and English.  We never really spoke to one another since we worked in different areas of the building. I actually never really gave him any attention. I had "tunnel vision" I was busy finishing graduate school and was offered a permanent teaching job at the same school. I had a lot to prove, no time for boys.  Lawrence was simply a brother who I knew worked in 7th grade.  On the last day of school that year, June 2010, Lawrence asked me to lunch. Not in the most direct way, he sent out an email to several mutual friends/ coworkers and included me on he lunch invite. I responded, sure I can go to lunch, thinking it would be nice to eat and converse with coworkers for once. When the time came for everyone to meet, Lawrence came to my room. I played it off, thinking everyone would meet us at the restaurant. He slipped in the comment, "It's just us"...so I played it cool. We went and ate, and for the first time I looked at him. I saw a beautiful, intelligent man who was so passionate about teaching and progressing.  We talked, we laughed and my life hasn't been the same since I met him. I'm happier than I could ever imagine, I laugh harder than ever before with him.  God truly answers prayers.

Lawrence's story-The real story- Ashley had just completed her student-teaching hours at CMS before she had ever spoken to me. One February afternoon in passing, she complimented my hair, and that was all I needed. Even though, she walked through the halls seemingly unapproachable. Her noticing me, made her seem attainable. I waited until the last few days of school before I approached her because I wanted to be sure. I asked one of the 8th grade teachers that she worked with about her dating status. She was more than happy to tell me that not only was Ashley single, but her beauty was only matched by her intelligence and creativity. On the last day of school, Ashley walked into the faculty lounge during a PTA breakfast and the other 8th grade teachers cajoled me say something to her. Now, I'm no fool, and try to lay down my game in front of an audience is as played out as butterfly-collars and taco meat.
So, I decided to put my plan into action. I sent out an email to the 8t grade teachers I knew about lunch to see if they would include Ashley. On the reply email, I noticed that she had not been included as a recipient. This was my chance. I emailed Ashley myself, and found out that she had no plans for lunch. She told me she liked Mexican food, so I mentioned Arturo's. At lunch, I arrived in her classroom and asked if she was ready. She said, "Sure",and asked,"Who else is coming?"
"So far just me and you, is that cool"?
At lunch, we sat and talked about school and a few other random topics. She was having some allergy issues and didn't eat much. I thought the conversation went well, and you know I was on top of my game. Once we arrived back at school, I get her number. I made up my mind that evening that I would do whatever it took to make her mine. We spent a lot of time together that summer, from dinner and a movie to Salsa classes, I was in it to win it.

She is the first and only woman I ever truly pursued, and I'm glad I waited. It didn't take us long to realize we were soul mates, so I asked her to marry me after 9 months of dating on March 17th 2011. We married soon after in a small civil ceremony. This has been the best decision of my life! She is the most amazing woman I know and that is the story of how I became the happiest husband ever in life. I look forward to everyday that I will spend with her. I can't wait for our wedding day, to see her, my breathtakingly beautiful bride and to celebrate our love with family and friends!

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