Keeping up with Ashley and Lawrence Part II

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The journey of Lawrence and Ashley to the alter was completed June 2.  This is part 2 of their wedding celebration journey. Part 3 will include their thoughts on the wedding celebration, the photographs from Laura of Andrea Polito and honeymoon. I am including my photos.... your first peak!  Stay tuned.  

Lawrence & Ashley Randle
Our wedding is in June 2012 at NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas. We’re planning an intimate celebration 
that’s modern and chic.

Our journey to the altar has been relatively smooth, only with a few bumps in the road.  My (Ashley’s) initial impulses did cost us a little, but we learned very quickly from it and moved on.  When we first got engaged, we were so excited to get started planning, we selected the first venue we visited.  It was breathtaking! However, we didn’t think about the details of the day or how we would be affected by its location and rigid timeline.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that we needed a wedding coordinator to guide us along this journey.  Ms. Marion Marshall was the first person in mind. She was excited and delighted to help us. We found a venue that fit our personalities and style more accurately. I’ve always been more of a city girl…going to college in New York City, refusing to live anywhere but downtown… so the architecture and artistic flare that NYLO has, was a perfect match.  Lawrence knew that he wanted our day to be filled with a laid back, effortless vibe that he tends to have ALWAYS… After that decision, everything seemed to fall into place…
everything except our guest list.

The Engagement Photos
We absolutely love our photos. It’s always amazing to see your vision come to reality. The pictures are exactly what I envisioned. It was funny because the photographer admitted that he didn’t have to much, only work the camera because I already knew the locations, the angles and the look that I wanted. It was so much fun…not bossing the photographer around, but taking pictures with my honey.

The Guest List
Both Lawrence and I were certain that we wanted our celebration to be small only including our close friends and CLOSE family members… Well it seemed as if cousins came out of hiding, when they learned of our wedding. So the guest list grew and we had to trim and then eventually made it an adult only event.  This request has caused a rift for both families.

The Dress
I actually selected my dress alone. It was completely random. I was trying to pass time, and decided to go into a small bridal boutique in Plano; Bridal Collections by Stella. I was greeted by a very kind staff. A few dresses caught my eye. On a whim, I began trying dresses on, not really sure what look I was going for. Everything was pretty but nothing was great. Then the owner, Stella insisted I try on a dress that she thought would look amazing. I tried it on and new it was my dress. I felt that it embodied my classic taste along with my artsy, out of the box style… all in one. So I made an appointment to return with my mother and close girlfriends.  I decided to build them up to the dress I had already selected.  Each dress had the same response, “Oh…Wow…that’s really pretty”. But then I came out in “The Dress” and there was complete silence. The compliments slowly started coming but it took a moment to take in. The more they looked at it, the more they loved it.  I can’t wait for Lawrence to see it!

The Ceremony
Our ceremony will be performed by the couple who counseled us. I want it to be simple and elegant accented with white flowers.

The Reception
The reception will have a romantic setting with lots of candles and flowers immersed in shades of purple. It will be a plated dinner with signature drinks along with, lots of love, laughter and dancing.

 Ministers Sherry and Sylvester Snow

 Ashley and her brother Steve Carter

 Ashley and Lawrence Randle

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