Jennifer Rubell + Shepard Fairy = Dallas Contemporary

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As a sponsor at the Dallas Contemporary I get to do some very cool projects.....

Citywide Street Project
4 February 2012

Dallas Contemporary has invited Los Angeles based street artist SHEPARD FAIREY to create more than 12 murals throughout the city with a focus on West Dallas. Known for his iconic designed President Obama HOPE poster, Fairey has worked as an artist creating works on the streets and globally in public spaces using posters, stickers, wheat paste and painted murals.

In celebration of the mural project, Dallas Contemporary will host the first annual PHENOMENON, an over-the-top, neon-inspired dance party. Fairey, a world-toured DJ, will provide the music for guests in the Dallas Contemporary galleries, just days after completing his murals.


25 September - 4 December 2011

The LEGENDARY event will take place just days before the opening of a large-scale exhibition of the artist’s work, JENNIFER RUBELL: Nutcrackers, on view at Dallas Contemporary from September 25 through December 4, 2011. An opening celebration will be held Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 9pm to midnight.

In Gallery 3, Dallas Contemporary’s largest gallery space, Rubell’s Nutcrackers will consist of 18 life-size interactive sculptures of women alongside a pedestal holding one ton of Texas pecans. Each prefabricated female mannequin is mounted on her side in an odalisque position and has been retooled to function as a nutcracker. Visitors interact with each sculpture, by placing a pecan in the mannequin’s inner thigh. The leg is brought down to crack the pecan leaving the nut for the visitor to eat.

Inspired by nutcrackers depicting female figures - and in particular one found on the internet of Hilary Clinton - these interactive sculptures embody the two polar stereotypes of female power; the idealized, sexualized nude female form and the too-powerful, nut-busting uberwoman. The work also serves as a prompt to action, encouraging the viewer to transgress the traditional viewer-to-artwork boundary and complete the work by interacting with it.

This is the 
Made in Texas Project!

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