Peyton Turns 1

5:31 PM

I had the pleasure of being the floral stylist for Peyton's mommie and daddy, Shaunta and Phillip's wedding. This time we were the planners and designed the decor. Peyton had flowers too! It is no surprise that Shaunta started plannning Peyton's birthday party shorty after she was born. First let me tell you I has soooo much fun!

Shaunta had great ideas. I love DIY clients. They have fun making really cool specialty items. We had the party at their home. I took all the fun things that Shaunta and Sam (her best friend) made and they brought the party to life. From the candy table arrangements, to Peyton photo banners and the cupcake liner balls, and more it was colorful, well done, beautiful and lots of fun. The little people wanted to play and eat candy and cake. The adults had just as much fun as the children. Next year Peyton will have a destination party. Yes! The planning has already begun.

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