Shades of Blue

9:00 PM

In the world of weddings, style is in the eye of the beholder. When you hear what the selection of colors it is one thing, but when you see it is another. I love the odd and the unusual pairings when it comes to wedding colors. Shades of blue have been in vogue with our couples. The accessories, colored glass, ribbon, sand ceremony and linens were all stars. From navy blue to robins egg blue and the colors they were paired with always looked great. Groomsman managed to find the perfect pocket square, tie, or something to work with the must have color their bride selected. And sometimes the groom selected the colors. We had the blues and so will you! Enjoy!

I am a very tactile person when it comes to implementing the elements a client has selected. I have created a series of color style boards that are created with fabrics, findings, magazines, etc. that you can touch and move swatches and finding to see what colors look like together. Here comes the blue!

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