Congratulations to Kate and William!

5:04 PM

I am very happy for Kate and William. It certainly is an exciting time. As a planner I know this is a very stressful time for a bride and groom. Parents, friends, new in laws, spectators, and people you don't know have an opinion about what you are doing, not doing and anything else they think they should weigh in on. Can we all agree on that? I know they will manage to come through this with smiles and tears. I must tell you most of my brides are not very interested. Most are aware, but have their hands full with their own wedding. They say, "I am glad I am not Kate, this must be stressful to have the world watching and commenting on your every move". I spend my days as planner keeping them calm, focused and suggesting what to do when she and her mother disagree on a color or food or something. Like Kate and William everyone wants to put in their two cents.
It will be beautiful!

I know the wedding industry is very excited. I am! There will be several trend nuggets that will come from the royal wedding. The dress, invitations, decor, and more. The ability to watch it live online will be great. There are some venues that are on that page already for ceremonies in particular. This is our first world wedding in a very long time. I would hope we all will not spend so much time analyzing the wedding, but sending good wishes, love, and happiness. It is going to be fabulous. Most of all I want them to have fun.

Congratulations Kate and William!

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