Wedding Planning and Blog Talk Radio

9:49 AM

Kymberly Keeton is my fabulous creative niece. She is a writer, journalist, artist, and most recently a blog talk show host . soflynmythirties (so fly n my thirties) features issues regarding women in their thirties. I was the first guest of the new year to discuss all things weddings. Kym asked some great questions. From planning to selecting vendors, we covered several topics. You can hear our conversation by clicking on this link

Kym is single. She says past their professional lives, women in their 30's are talking about dating and marriage. Many young women are comfortable with being single and others are cringing at the thought of approaching forty and not close to marrying. I say patience is a virtue. Take your time and the right person will come.... so follow up with us with more conversations about weddings. Check out Kymberly's other shows.

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