5 reasons we think you should hire a wedding planner!

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Why is this bride laughing? Because she hired a wedding planner!

Why is this groom smiling? Because Veronica hired a wedding planner!

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Meet Veronica and Jay!
Veronica is one of my assitants. When she got engaged she wanted to be the princess bride (as every bride should be). She had seen first hand how the wedding process was a bit more stressful for some of our clients who did not have planners. Veronica decided she was having no part of that. She and Jay had very busy schedules. They wanted to maintain their current lives as much as possible while the wedding was be planned. Their ceremony venue was the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar and the reception at the Orion Ballroom. Veronica and Jay also wanted to not worry about the moving between the two venues. They are still smiling and laughing!

Celebrating YOU!
Your Story! Your Wedding! Your Style!

1-Wedding planners can help you translate your visions and dreams into a reality. After clipping and printing photos and articles, saving all kinds of items, and the list of your favarite things, a faboulous style emerges.
We want to assist you and your fiancé or partner, in creating a wedding or celebration experience that is about you.

2-Time is money and money is time. Wedding planners are the "super stars of information". This information will assist you in making decisions about your bottom line for your investment. At least visit a wedding planner for a consultation, even if do not plan to make that investment. They will provide you with the information that will start the process in the right direction. Wedding planners provide a variety of services with different investments. From full service, wedding day service and other specialty services most have choices to suit your needs and investment. Inquire and find a service that will work for you. Style, luxury, and resources are very personal. Decide what the most important things are for you and we will help you make it happen.

3-Wedding planners often become extenions of the bride and want this experience be as stress free as possible. Wedding planners become the middleman or middle woman for your family, friends, and vendors.
We believe there are always options and never NO.

4-Your wedding planning and wedding day will go more smoothly! You can enjoy your day. You can enjoy the little things. Your planner can answer last minute requests, field any changes, answer vendor questions, etc.
We want you to have fun, smile, laugh and have tears of joy throughout the process.

5-Wedding planners allow you to be a guest. This is your royal wedding, you are the royal couple and the celebrity couple. We want this to be all about you!
Our commitment is to provide you from idea to execution the highest level of service, professionalism and FUN in the process of creating a wonderful wedding or celebration experience. We are a Dallas based full service event planning and design production firm offering expert planning, incredible floral and decor for events grand or small. Services can be selected separately.

Let us keep you laughing and make you smile!

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