Helping Others!

5:10 PM

Peace Through Business
The Institute for the Economic Empowerment of Women

I have learned in this life that you must help others. It is my passion to help women in particular, people locally and anywhere that I can. This project is a part of my international effort to help women from some places we cannot imagine the challenges they face.

Bonita Mwunvaneza joined me as my mentee through the Institute for the Economic Empowerment of Women (, Peace through business project. This is my second year as a mentor. Bonita is the owner of Sugar an Spice Cookie Bakery. She traveled from Rwanda to spend a couple of weeks learning more about how to run and grow her cookie and cake business! Bonita was with me from June 12 -17 for fun and learning for the both of us. Thanks to our gracious sponors:
Becky, Monica and the South Side on Lamar family-
Kristen at Tart Pastry Boutique and Stuido
Bronwen Weber at Frosted Art
Tina Danze
Doug Brown and his team at Food Beyond the Box
Barry Partos - Eatzi's
Patricia McCune - Michaels

Brownen Weber - Frosted Art

Barry Partos - Eatzi's

Doug Brown - Food Beyond the Box

Kristen Massad -Tart Bakery and Studio

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