Michel and Seyi and Hot Summer Colors!

11:23 PM

How We Met (According to Michel)
Technically, the first time we went out we didn't actually meet. My sister had come to visit me in London while I was on a six-month consulting assignment. The day before she was to return to Dallas, one of my co-workers agreed to take us out for the evening. He was accompanied by two friends, one of whom was Seyi. Now, while we were all geared up for a fun evening, we ran into a few small road blocks – including getting lost while trying to find our destination only to discover it no longer existed! We ended up having a blast that evening, not only because there was a back-up plan, but also because in driving around for 2 hours, Seyi and I realized that we had so much in common…including a live performance we'd both attended two months prior.
This initial meeting, however, didn't automatically translate into a first date. In fact, I was almost convinced that I wouldn't see him again given that we hadn't exchanged contact information. He had, however, told me about his website. I found the site, and spent the next 3 or 4 days working up the nerve to email the site owner. I finally managed to send a very polite, carefully composed three-line message indicating that I'd enjoyed meeting him and really liked the site. To my surprise, he replied later that day! After a few email exchanges, each of which I had to carefully dissect because he would occasionally throw in a few phrases that I didn't understand (such as "going for footy"), he asked me on our first date - the Nottinghill Carnival scheduled for the upcoming bank holiday.
Funny enough, I almost cancelled our first date because I was fighting a cold. It was the last bank holiday of the year, though, and since I'd been stuck in bed all weekend, I decided I had to leave the house...not to mention I was really looking forward to the date :-D We met at Paddington Station, and both of us were obviously very nervous. Apparently, Seyi had done a bit of research on the path of the carnival and had pinpointed the perfect place for us to watch; however, he'd forgotten all of this at home in his haste to leave. We had a great time at the carnival and agreed to meet up again soon. Later that day, he called to ask if he could stop by the next day to say a quick 'hello' (and by 'stop by' he meant make the 1 hr trip to central London). He came by the next day to bring me long- stemmed sunflowers and a bag of clementine oranges to help me get over the cold....and I've been smiling ever since.

The Proposal (According to Seyi)
The plan was to make sure I proposed to Chel in Accra on New Years Day.
Considering we were running a bit late to catch the flight to Accra from Lagos (and I was not feeling too well earlier on that day) I was starting to worry about the execution of my plan.We managed to get on the flight and get into what was a lovely sunny day in Accra - the signs were looking good. An additional element in the plan was my desire to have a 'man to man' chat with Chel's Dad and I kept wondering when I'd be able to talk to him without Chel being there.
The 'Sanford and Son' boxset and a trip for some live nighttime highlife/hiplife on the beach, though thoroughly enjoyable, meant I was losing my opportunity to have the chat and the day was fast ending...
We got home before midnight and when she mentioned taking a shower I knew my opportunity had come. I told her to wake me when she finished but used the opportunity to seek her Dad's blessing. I waited for her. For some inexplicable reason, for I had been sure about asking her to be my wife for several months before this night, my heart was beating extra hard. She returned and I got her to sit down. I said a few words and knelt down on one knee. And as I said the words she started crying. After a few seconds, which felt like hours, I had to ask 'is this a yes?' She went 'Yes of course' and as she continued crying she added 'Now I have to admit to everyone that I was wearing a bonnet when you proposed!!' I couldn't stop lauging.

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