Engage! 09 :: Something Blue

4:03 PM

Engage! 09 :: Something Blue
June 21 -24, 2009
Grand Cayman
Ritz Carlton

I am attending a luxury wedding business summit, hosted by Engaging Concepts. Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce are the purveyors of this amazing event. According to Kathryn and Rebecca this will be "An unbelievable assembling of many of the best of the best in the wedding industry. It will truly be an unprecedented gathering of some of the most creative and successful wedding industry professionals representing many different facets of the market."
Check them out at

You could feel the energy and the buzz at registration.
I arrived yesterday! The host hotel is the Ritz Carlton and it is amazing as you can imagine.

On my way here, I read the article Achieve Success by Building Your Personal Brand in the
June 15, 2009, American Way Magazine by Scott Steinberg. It really sums up why I am here.

1. "How you package and present yourself speaks volumes."

2. "Education is expensive, but ignorance remains costlier still."

3. "Don't hesitate-create."

4. "You are who you know"

5. "It's imperative you stay at top of people's minds."

The welcome gift! It is full of fabulousness.... is that a word?..
It is now! More to come......
Tonight! The Welcome Party!

Me! A chair massage at registration!
What a treat!

Rebecca Grinnals, President, Engaging Concepts

Trisha Hay of Trisha Hay Graphic Design and
Kathryn Arce, Engaging Concepts, Managing Director

A greeting at the airport!

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